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Machine/Tooling Custom Build & Design 

  • Trimic Technologies is specialized in engineering, machining, fabricating, assembling, trouble shooting, and continually providing on-going service for all projects.

  • Trimic Technologies is experienced with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications, providing the customer with a complete turn-key package, which is fully manufactured within the facility.

  • Trimic Technologies proficiency and competitiveness allows the company to be a leader in this industry with respect to custom machinery, tooling and machining fixtures, inspection gauges, and assembly fixtures.

  • Machining centers include: special purpose machining, assembly, testing, vibrationsimulation, pick and place, and inspection.

  • One of our specialties is work holding systems for Horizontal , Vertical, mutipallet, Turning,  CNC's.  Automated systems providing Multi-stage sequencing, repeatability, durability, and great accuracy.

  • Inspection gauges and fixtures include: attribute gauges, CMM fixtures,  leak test testing. All gauges are fully certified.

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